To lead all musical aspects of the Choir’s activities including repertoire, rehearsals, concert programming and the development of technique. We are a mixed ability non-auditioned choir, and enjoyment in our music-making in rehearsals and concerts and encouraging every member to be the best they can is at the heart of the MD’s role.


The MD will be responsible for:

  • Working in partnership with the Committee to develop an annual concert programme – the day-to-day responsibility for concert management rests with the Committee, but the MD will be expected to liaise as necessary with the Concert Secretary and other MDs (in the case of joint concerts).
  • Identifying appropriate pieces, both in the Choir’s existing repertoire and new works, so that our concert programme develops over a concert season, and new pieces are introduced on a regular basis.
  • Putting together appropriate programmes for the Choir’s public concerts and other performances, whether these are performed solely by the Choir or shared programmes with other choirs, bands or ensembles.
  • Conducting the Choir in concerts and other performances.
  • Planning and leading weekly rehearsals so that concert programmes are developed in a timely manner and new pieces are included when appropriate. This will include a brief weekly precis of learning points within 24 hours of a rehearsal.
  • Teaching technical aspects of singing to the choir in rehearsal – every singer can improve vocal technique with the right instruction and encouragement.
  • Leading the Choir on tours, whether in festivals or the Choir’s arranged visits, including concerts and rehearsal time.
  • Providing a report to the monthly meetings of the Committee and attending meetings when requested.
  • Attending and providing a report for the Annual General Meeting.
  • As agreed with the Committee, arranging a suitable deputy conductor if the MD is exceptionally unavailable for a rehearsal, except in the event of illness.
  • Liaising with the Choir Chairman on a regular basis.
  • Helping to promote the Choir publicly, including the development of and participation in an annual “Come and Sing” recruitment event.



  1. Highly competent musician
  2. Able to hold others to high standards
  3. Demonstrates attention to details
  4. Competent keyboard player
  5. Able to instil confidence in others


  1. Proven experience of working with choral groups
  2. Experience of conducting performances with choir, professional soloists and instrumentalists
  3. Knowledge of a wide choral repertoire
  4. Knowledge of vocal technique and able to communicate this in an encouraging and accessible manner
  5. Able to work creatively within financial constraints
  6. Has knowledge of strategies to recruit new members and retain existing members
  7. Able to lead rehearsals from the keyboard in the absence of an accompanist


  1. Effective and confident communicator
  2. Demonstrates excitement, enthusiasm and vitality
  3. Good humoured and personable
  4. Shows patience and empathetic understanding of the choir’s and individuals’ needs
  5. Able to challenge under-performance in a supportive and diplomatic way
  6. Able to promote members’ enjoyment of rehearsals and pleasure in performance